Tuesday, July 12, 2016

City Reach Dayton - Revival In Pictures

It is time for a little bit of City Reach Dayton in Pictures. We have had two great services so far this week and I am thrilled. God has been reaching and saving and I have been crying and rejoicing! We have had good crowds from the churches and good participation from the community. I am expecting the next four nights to be just as good!

I will probably say this again, but it is very exciting to be working with churches in our home area. These folks have known us through thick and thin and back to thick again. They know us well, warts and all. To have them on board with us in City Reach Dayton is an honor and a privilege. I want God to bless them for their efforts.

Now I give you the pictures from the first two nights of City Reach Dayton. I hope you enjoy.


My breakfast delivered to the tent Monday morning. It is one of Kelly Jo's Monster Omelets!

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