Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Tent Coming Down In Dayton, Ohio

Monday was a work day around the Lazy OD Ranch. I intended to start with mowing but rain set in over night and it rained pretty good until nearly noon. By then I was knee deep in other work and I never did get around to mowing.

Kelly Jo helped me all day on projects and we had a great time working together. My Dad also jumped in for several hours and my brother Steve and his wife Karen joined us for a several hours in the evening. It was a super day.

Today's post is mostly a picture post. Odie snapped a bunch of pictures while we were in the process of taking down the tent Friday night after the final service of City Reach Dayton. The service was a little longer than some of the previous nights so it was already getting pretty dark when by the time we were ready to lower the tent to the ground.

Plenty of folks stayed around to help and that always makes things easier. I sure appreciate people jumping in and finding something helpful to do. I pray that God blesses them for blessing us! We can not do this on our own and I am very thankful that God sends others that seem willing and happy to share the work load.

Here are the pictures. I hope you have a tremendous day.


Thanks to Jacqueline Coffman for helping with the tent take down pictures.

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