Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Providence of God

There are times when I am overwhelmed with amazement at the wonder of God. It often happens when I am watching the providence of God at work in our lives. We may never fully understand any of the events in our lives and things we do partially understand may take years to develop, but I love to watch the providence of God emerge into something I can comprehend.

I had a moment of clear understanding Sunday morning while I was preaching at Bethel Revival Center in Everett Massachusetts. I was marveling at what God was doing in hearts right in front of me when my mind swooshed backwards in time over 27 years ago.

In 1989 Pastor Al Hunt asked his brother in law, Bro. Kim Meyers to preach an Easter fellowship meeting in Wallville, Oklahoma. For some reason I ended up driving Bro. Kim from Ohio to preach that meeting. While there I met some great folks, including several Pastors.

One of those Pastors was Bro. Kevin Clounch. I preached for him on Sunday morning while there. Fast forward to early summer of 1990. Bro. Kevin was Pastor of another church and I was working a temporary job that was about to end. He asked me to preach him a revival and some how I found myself agreeing to do so.

Through that revival and a series of convoluted and vaguely remembered events, I met Pastor Terry White from Wichita, Kansas. He was visiting friends that came to revival. Eventually Bro. Terry asked me to preach a revival for him and I did that a few times through the years.

In 1999 I went, at Bro. Terry's recommendation, to Pastor in Wichita. While there I met the DiZazzo's. I have been preaching revival for them since 2003. I was preaching Sunday morning for Pastor Orville as a direct result of my relationship with the DiZazzo's.

Watch this with me. 

People hearing the word, folks receiving help, God changing lives Sunday morning was the result of a random invitation from Pastor Hunt to Bro. Meyers.

A fluke decision for me to drive Bro. Meyers to Oklahoma. 

A chance meeting with Pastor Clounch.

A fortuitous invitation from Pastor Clounch for me to preach revival when he really barely knew me.

An arbitrary decision by Pastor White to spend his vacation visiting friends in Oklahoma and then going to revival with those friends when he probably really needed some time away.

And then revivals in Wichita.

And Pastoring in Wichita.

And many wonderful revivals for Pastor John DiZazzo at Bethany in Wichita.

And this random, hastily planned side trip to Boston (Everett).

And finally the connection I felt while I was preaching and the confirmation I received from men and women at the altar and after service as they told what God was doing in their lives at that very moment.

Are these casual, aimless, designless, purposeless, accidental events in our lives and the lives of others?

A thousand times no! When Pastor Al Hunt picked up the phone 27 years ago, when Pastor Kevin Clounch called me 26 years ago, when all these other things happened, God knew I would be preaching Sunday in Boston and tent revival later this week in Vermont (Another direct result of all of this). God knew who would be there. God knew what they would need. God knew what I would need to say. God knew it all and He knew it all before I had a clue.

That is the providence of God and that is why I stand amazed! What an awesome God we serve! I say, "Do it again, God! When I do not understand. When I do not have a clue. When I think it is random or even worthless. Work your will and your way and your wonder!"

God bless you. Thank you for reading.



  1. Great post ! It made me walk down memory lane and evaluate "random " decisions in my life that God has used to shape me and give me a place in His kingdom. Thanks friend for reminding me to examine the providence of God!


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