Monday, August 15, 2016

#33 Weekend Woundup and Weview

These weekend posts are growing to epic lengths. I guess I could leave the pictures out, but who wants that? We must have pictures, right?

Thursday we made our way to Lowell, Vermont. This is the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine in a rest area near Bradford, Vermont. We saw something interesting there and I plan to post about that at a later date.

We pulled into the church at Lowell and filled up with fresh water before we parked next to the tent.

Most of the work was already completed and there remained only a few light tasks to do.

This was the tent Thursday night.

Friday afternoo, Bro. and Sis. DiZazzo cooked a great meal on the grill and we ate at the tent with them. Afterward he let me take Odie for a trail ride. I was going to take KJ for a ride as well but it was time to prepare for church. It rained most of Saturday so the joy riding was over.

Friday night we had a good crowd and a good service. Praise God for helping people. He is good to us.

Saturday morning Steve and Karen came to the tent to pick us up. We visited Jay Peak Resort where we stayed the last time we were in Vermont. We intended to ride the tram as we did with all the DiZazzo's and Sis. Esther in 2014.

We did, in fact, ride the tram but it did not look like it did in 2014 in the picture above. Nor did the view from the top look like this.

No, that is from 2014 as well. This year it was raining and the top of the mountain looked like this.

Since it is foggy, I will tell you what is going on in the picture. Steve is taking a picture of a group of hikers. They did not ride the tram. They hiked 2-3 miles up the side of the mountain. They were hiking with and in honor of a man that had his hip replaced one year ago that day. We were there as he topped out the trail. It was pretty amazing and a joy to applaud him.

Here is the view from the tram in 2014.

The fog and rain may have hampered the view but it did not hinder the fun at all.

We had a nice lunch and a great visit with Steve and Karen before going back to the tent to prepare for service. We had another great night.

Kelly Jo and Sis. Becky DiZazzo

Sunday we only had one service under the tent at 10:00. The tent was full and the full house responded very well to the singing and the preaching. It was a very good morning to have church too. The weather could not have been much better than it was.

After our great service Sunday morning the church folks prepared a super great meal. We enjoyed it all very much.

Pastor David DiZazzo and Davy

After the meal the equipment all started coming down. I appreciate Pastor DiZazzo and all of his folks making us feel so welcome. We had a great time and the folks really went out of their way to let us know they appreciated our efforts. May God bless you all for your kindness and hospitality.

In the afternoon we cranked up the BoggsMobile and pointed it and the Green Machine south toward New York. We had a very smooth drive and the traffic was mostly light. We had a little slow down for construction in Springfield, Massachusetts but other than that it was wide open sailing. We drove about 258 miles in four hours and forty minutes. That is not bad at all considering all of the mountains in Vermont.

We arrived in Manchester, Connecticut in time for church Sunday night. They start at 7:00 on Sunday night so that helped a lot. This was our first visit to Full Gospel Interdenominational Church and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We sang, worshiped, sang some more and even preached a little. It was a great night with new friends. 

Bro. and Sis. Kalinsky and all of their folks treated us like royalty. I appreciate the response to our ministry when most of them had never met us or even heard of us. It was a good night.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. I hope you had a good one too.


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