Friday, July 8, 2016

Reminders and Traffic Note For City Reach Dayton

I have a reminder or two concerning City Reach Dayton and also a traffic note.

We are planning to set up the tent Saturday morning at 8:00 and we are hoping to have plenty of help to do so. If you are able to be there Saturday morning, your help would be greatly appreciated. There will be something for men and women to do and we usually have quite a bit of fun. Most of the work should be completed shortly after 10:00 if we have plenty of help.

We are expecting great services Sunday through Friday and for many folks to be saved, healed and delivered! Please come join us in the services if you can.

Bro. Jimmie and I went up early Thursday and picked up a bunch of trash and mowed some of the lot. We did not mow it all but we did quite a bit of it. We plan to move the tent trailer and the bus onto the tent site later today.

City Reach Dayton will be held at 601 N. Main St. Dayton, Ohio July 10-15, Sunday-Friday. Service on Sunday will begin at 6:30 and Monday-Friday will begin at 7:30. The location is just south of I-75 on the west side of North Main St.

The tent will be on the lot in the picture below. It is directly across from White Allen Honda and just north of White Allen Chevrolet.

The entrance to the lot is actually off Babbit which is the no outlet street on the south end of the lot.


If you are coming from the north you will use the Main St. exit off I-75. At the end of the exit, turn Left on Main St., cross under I-75 and the tent will be on the Right. Turn Right on Babbit and then Right onto the lot.

If you are coming from the south, the Main St. exit from I-75 is closed for a few weeks. In fact, it just closed Wednesday night! You have two other options from I-75.

The official detour is to go north passed Main St. to the Stanley exit. Get off at Stanley, then back onto I-75 south and exit onto Main St. from there.

Or you can get off the exit for First and Second St. and turn Right on either First or Second. Go a few blocks and turn Left on Main St. Follow Main St. across the river and then turn Left on Babbit and Right onto the tent lot.

I apologize for the confusion of the closed exit ramp. It was going to be so easy with the ramp dropping folks right next to the tent. Maybe God has a plan in all of this. No, I am sure God has a plan in all of this even though I do not have a clue what that plan is!

I hope you will attend. Maybe we will all find out together!

Thank you for reading.


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