Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Monday and Tuesday in Maine

Monday and Tuesday were action packed and we have the pictures to prove it. It really seems like Monday morning was about four days ago so maybe we squished a little too much action into two days!

We left CBD in Peabody, Massachusetts Monday morning and pointed the BoggsMobile north toward Maine. We were not in any hurry and there is so much to see along the way so we took our time leaving Massachusetts, driving through a little sliver of New Hampshire and then into Maine.

One thing in short supply in New England is RV parks big enough to accommodate the bus. That is especially true in August at the height of their short summer camping season. I was having a very hard time finding a place to park near the coast but Bro. Jimmy Millikin secured permission for us to park at Bro. Steve Reynold's church in Arundel, ME just south of Portland.

We pulled in Monday and then took the Green Machine south a very few miles to the beautiful towns of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.

Bro. Millikin also highly recommended The Clam Shack! It was great!

This is a Maine specialty, a Lobster Roll.

After strolling through town a few hours we drove along the coast admiring the beauty.

We were headed specifically for St. Ann's Episcopal Church. St. Ann's is a summer chapel. It is an amazing building situated in an absolutely amazing location. I fell in love immediately and put in my application as Pastor or janitor right away.

These next two pictures were taken while standing in the same place. The first is the church and the second is turned 90 degrees to my right and you can see the ocean!

This is the summer home of the Bush family. It is a small distance up the road from St. Ann's.

Tuesday morning we left in the Green Machine exploring the coast line going north toward Portland. It is absolutely gorgeous all along the way.

We were on our way to Cape Elizabeth to meet Steve and Karen at The Lobster Shack.

We found it!

After a great meal and great times with family we all ventured farther north to Rockland, Maine to be in tent revival with the Reynold's and to hear Bro. Jimmy Millikin preach. We love being with the Millikin's and we enjoyed the preaching so much. Bro. Jimmy is my favorite evangelist and he preached outstanding last night.

Those of you that know me well, know that I love the sight of this tent as much as I loved St. Ann's. Of course the tent would look better next to the ocean!

Davy and Bro. Jimmy Millikin

Davy, Bro. Jimmy and Pastor Reynold's (He is the Pastor of the church where we are parked)

Bro. Jimmy, Steve and Karen

Bro. and Sis. Reynold's

After church we turned south and drove two hours back to the BoggsMobile. We plan to move toward Vermont this afternoon but I do not know exactly where we will land tonight. Unless things have changed in the last two years, we will not have much phone service in Lowell, Vermont. If you do not hear from us, that will be the reason.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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