Friday, August 19, 2016

Great To Be In New York

Reminder: Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship Meeting begins on Tuesday night August 23 and runs through Friday night August 26. There will be meals and day services Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We hope to be there by Tuesday night and it would be awesome to see you there too.

Great To Be In New York

It is a blessing for us to be at Gateway Christian Center in Valley Stream, New York.

The church is located only a very few miles from where we preached in Queens in February so we are not very far out of the NYC city limits. It is still city and heavy traffic here as far as the eye can see but there are yards and parking lots. Those are two things you do not see much in NYC proper.

Gateway Christian Center is also only 6 miles from JFK airport. That is very convenient. If you want to fly in and be with us this weekend, you will not have far to go once you land. (Grin) We are not expecting any friends from far off but we are excited to see many friends that we met in February. That is a lot of fun.

Pastor Sunny Philip invited us to be here and we are happy to be able to accept his invitation. It was my sincere desire to have City Reach in NYC this summer but that proved impossible to put together in such a short time. However, my introduction to Pastor Philip and this whole trip came to pass because of City Reach. I wrote last week about the providence of God and I love to watch Him work.

We begin this special meeting tonight at 7:00. They will have a baptismal service Saturday afternoon, service again Saturday evening at 7:00 and then we will close with service Sunday morning. The church is beautiful and spacious. We are looking forward to enjoying the presence of God over the next three days.

Thank you for praying for us and thank you for reading as well.


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