Saturday, August 6, 2016

On The Road Again

The timing of yesterday's post and Friday's post was a little off. You can click on the bold links to read them if you missed them. In fact, any time you see a bold word like this on here, it will probably open a link in a new tab.

Hello Friends, from a rolling BoggsMobile. We are some where in Connecticut, I believe. It feels great to be back in the saddle again. Yes, I am singing our theme song "On The Road Again" as I type. On The Road Again, Just can't wait to get On The Road Again, The life I love is making music with my friends.... You are welcome, I know you will be singing it now too. 

I am excited about this northeastern trip we are making. It will be wonderful to see friends again and make new friends along the way. We came up through here two years ago and it is nice to be going back.

Although I love being on the road I dread having to bid everyone at home a final goodbye. Thankfully this is a short trip, in our books. The BoggsMobile will heading back toward Ohio before we know it. My final few days in Ohio were so good. I relaxed and spent time with family, that is two of my favorite things to do. 

Here are a few highlights of my week. 

Monday evening I spent with my cousin Lisa. We had a fabulous meal at Acapulco. Then we sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful summer night. It was a great time to catch up. I so glad our schedules finally lined up. 

Tuesday Mom and I had a chance to spend the day with Gran and Papaw. It was wonderful to see them one more time. Thanks again for being our chauffeurs all around creation and running errands with us. We had a great day kicking around town and watching Dad and a few others working at the barn.

Mamaw and I saw this beautiful sunset Tuesday evening between the Ranch and Mamaw and Papaw's. It was truly an amazing sight. It was a perfect ending to our day. 

Finally on Thursday Mamaw and I decided to enjoy some girl time with lunch and a Walmart run. Pictured below is the goodness of a Skyline 3-Way. What is a 3-Way you ask? It is spaghetti, chilli and cheese. It is one of my favorites and I had been carrying a gift card since Christmas just waiting for a trip home. Definitely not diet food but WOW it was good!

I think this concludes my pics from this trip home to Ohio. Thank you for stopping by! Stay tuned for more adventures in the coming days. I should be coming to you from tent revival in northern Vermont next Saturday if we have phone service.


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