Saturday, August 13, 2016

God Is Not Surprised

Hello from beautiful Vermont. I (Odie) have had a fabulous week. It has been great to see some of my awesome family and friends and to make several new friends along the way. 

We had a great first service last night under the tent in Lowell, Vermont. We only have three service here so we want to make the very best of each one of them. I believe that tonight and tomorrow morning are going to be good.

I love that we have been able to see the Atlantic Ocean this week. The majesty of the ocean makes me extremely happy.  I feel blessed to have traveled from coast to coast already this year. 

The Maine coast 



Wednesday morning I received a disturbing phone call that my Uncle Danny Morgan was at the Emergency Room in Ohio. We did not know what the problem was and it scared all of our family! Praise the Lord he is doing well now. We are very thankful that the Lord touched him.

Uncle Danny's wife Jeanna, has been going through her own health scare lately. Doctors said she had a tumor in her heart. There was no question, it was a tumor. The last several weeks she has been going to doctor appointments and expected to be going through surgery to remove the tumor. 


She went for some final tests this week and the Dr. told them there is absolutely NOT a tumor in her heart! The tumor is gone without surgery. Praise God! Thank you to the many people that prayed for Aunt Jeanna!  I know it was extremely scary for Uncle Danny, Aunt Jeanna, and all the family.

Wednesday I kept thinking of an older song Nothing Takes You By Surprise  by Brian Free and Assurance. The randomness of life takes us by surprise daily but God knew all about it before any of it happened. He is in control of everything. 

Then I remembered this nugget of truth given to us by our dear friend Tammy Ferguson


Whatever happens in life, NOTHING surprises God.  He will bring us through. 

Thanks for taking time to visit us on the today. I will close with a quote I received via text from my friend Kelli Bufford.

"While it looks like things are out of control, behind the scenes there's A God who hasn't surrendered his authority" AW Tozer


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