Monday, August 8, 2016

#32 Weekend Woundup and Weview

It has been a wonderful weekend and now I give you the Weekend Woundup and Weview complete with pictures to prove it.

The weekend started with an exciting few minutes on Friday morning as we prepared to leave the Ranch. I was maneuvering the Green Machine in place to hook up to the BoggsMobile and what to my wondering eyes should appear? No, not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer! What ever gave you that idea?

A huge hot air balloon! It was going over the Dodd's church and then over the Lazy OD Ranch. We are near the small Waynesville airport and we regularly see stunt planes practicing some pretty crazy stuff but the hot air balloon was a little more unusual.

It looks like in the pictures that the balloon was loosing altitude pretty quickly as it went across. That is because it was loosing altitude. 

It was on target to land on the roof of our neighbors about three houses down. The pilot was pouring the blasts of fire to it and it finally started gaining altitude again. I do not know if he was nervous but Kelly Jo and I were.

Pretty neat!

I already mentioned in Friday's post that we drove 554 miles from home to a rest area near Tannersville, Pennsylvania. For my own personal reference in the future we went up I-71 to a short jaunt on I-76 to I-80. I-80 is great road for the bus and definitely the best way to cross Pennsylvania if going toward New York City.

After resting several hours and giving NYC traffic a chance to clear, we left about 11:30 Friday night and drove around NYC with no traffic slowdowns whatsoever. Nice!

We followed I-80 to the I-287 bypass around the north side, across the Tappan Zee Bridge and then hit I-95. We had been on I-95 before and we like that drive up the coast into Connecticut and then turning north through Rhode Island. They have taken the toll booths down on the bridge and will now bill us by mail. There is no telling what the toll will be for the bus and the car. Some of the NYC bridges are over $50 for the combination!

We stopped for the rest of the night about 2:30 at a travel plaza in Fairfield, Connecticut. We had a good night's rest before finishing the trip to the north side of Boston Saturday afternoon.

Parking for the BoggsMobile in the Boston area is very, very limited. Campgrounds with big spots are in short supply all over the New England area and we were coming up with nothing available in this area. Our dear friend Esther that now lives in Wichita, lived here for many years. In fact, the last time we were here she was our tour and restaurant guide.

Esther worked for many years at CBD, Christian Book Distributors. We toured the plant when we were here in 2014. We love CBD and have shopped from their catalogs for years.

Esther called the right people and we are parked in their parking lot Saturday and Sunday nights. We have to run the generator while here but I am very pleased to have a safe place to park. 

I am sure that is not something they usually do and certainly not something they would do for just anyone, but Esther got it done for us. Thanks my dear friend and thanks to CBD. If you have never shopped at CBD, now might be a good time to start.

I mentioned yesterday that we would be seeing friends and family this weekend and the first installment of that started last night. My brother Steve and his wife Karen flew into Boston on vacation last night and we met for a late supper at Polcari's Italian in Saugus. 

We first ate there in 2014 and it was as good as we remembered. But it was even better to get to spend time with my bother and his wife. They were in church with us yesterday at Bethel and we should get to cross paths with them again over the next several days.

Speaking of church at Bethel, we had a great day there. I addition to Steve and Karen we also had several friends from Wichita with us both services.

Sis. Judy DiZazzo treated us to a great Italian meal at Capone's. It was tremendous!

This is Pastor Orville Plummer and Davy. Pastor Orville is a super great guy and we really enjoyed meeting him and his sweet wife Sis. Jennifer.

Odie and Sis. Beth

Sis. Jane DiZazzo and Sis. Jennifer Plummer

Davy and Bro. Larry DiZazzo. Bro. Larry is a brother to Pastor John DiZazzo in Wichita, Kansas and Pastor David DiZazzo where we are headed Friday for tent revival. This is the first time we met Bro. Larry and his wife. We really enjoyed visiting with them.

That pretty much wraps up our wonderful weekend. It was a great one that we will cherish a long time. Thanks for reading.


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