Friday, November 6, 2015

Revival In Pictures - Grace Fellowship

Schedule Change

Thursday was supposed to be the last night of revival and tonight was supposed to be the annual Men's Camp Out. Pastor Jon Isaacs and his men decided to postpone the camping trip for a week due to the adverse weather forecast so we will have one more revival service instead. Service will begin tonight at 7:00 and we would love for you to come be with us!

Revival In Pictures

It has been a great week at Grace Fellowship Holiness Church in Elba, Alabama. We have really enjoyed visiting with our friends. God has blessed in every service and we appreciate His grace and mercy. Folks seem to be excited about what God is doing and I can hardly wait to get to church tonight.

I am sure we will have more pictures of revival later but we have several up to this point. I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


Pastor Jon and Sis. Heidi Isaacs

Anna Kate lost a her first tooth during my preaching Tuesday night!

It was great to have visitors from Esto, Florida Wednesday night, Bro. Terry and Sis. Brandi Stewart. We met them in February when we went to see the Isaacs one night. Odie blogged about that night HERE.

it was so good to have the Watson's with us. Tuesday night.

Sis. Heidi Isaacs sent us a few pictures from Sunday night.

Alayna Isaacs sent us a few pictures from the altar service another night.

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  1. We were so happy to be able to make it Wednesday. What a fantastic move of God! Terry and I are still talking about the service and how wonderful it was... hope to visit again very soon! We love you Davy, Kelly and Odie... Very much!


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