Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview November 9

What a great weekend it has been! Friday night we had revival service at Grace Fellowship and it was a great service indeed. Folks really responded in the altar and I know my family was encouraged.

It was wonderful to have Pastor Rick Simpson and Sis. Beverly visiting Friday night. We sure love these long time friends.

Saturday afternoon there was a birthday party for three of the church kids. It was right here at the fellowship hall where we are parked and we enjoyed the meal and visiting with the church folks.

Watching the kids try to break the pinata was hilarious!

We had all Saturday evening to ourselves with no traveling to do and we enjoyed it very much. I was working on some bus projects and then correspondence for City Reach and Kelly Jo and Odie were working on a newsletter and perfecting some recipes. It was a very relaxing evening with my girls.

Sunday morning we drove a little over an hour to Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle in Dothan, Alabama. We had a good service with Pastor Dewayne Watson and his family and all the folks. We have been going to Mt. Sinai since Bro. Watson pioneered the church in the fall of 2005. 

We were scheduled to preach revival for them this week but with all they have had going on the last few weeks we both decided it would be best to reschedule. Odie wrote about their saga and miracle Saturday.

We enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch with the whole Watson family before heading back to the BoggsMobile in Elba. We appreciate their hospitality and kindness toward our family. May God continue to bless our friends.

We arrived home in time to rest a few minutes and then go to Grace Fellowship refreshed and ready to have church. God touched the service again and they responded great in the altar service. It seems that revival is building each night and I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen the next two nights.

After service the church presented Pastor Jon Isaacs and all his family with very nice gifts to show their appreciation. Each of them were surprised with their gifts but surprise does not begin to describe Bro. Jon's reaction when they presented him with a brand new Taylor acoustic electric guitar! it is awesome.

Bro. Jon used to play an electric guitar when we were here previously. I asked him early last week why he was not playing it. He told me he sold it and that his dream was to eventually buy a Taylor acoustic electric. Now his dream has come true!

May God bless Bro. Jon, Sis. Heidi and their three beautiful and Godly girls. May God also bless the fine folks at Grace Fellowship for going to great lengths to love on their Pastor and his precious family. I commend them for it!

The rest of the pictures from Sunday night will speak for themselves! They must speak for themselves because I do not know what to say! Haha!

That pretty much wraps up our great weekend! Thanks for tuning in today.


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