Friday, November 27, 2015

A Very Morgan Thanksgiving

City Reach Dayton

If you are in the Dayton area please come be with us Tuesday night at Dryden Rd. We will be having the Planning and Vision Service for City Reach Dayton. I will be preaching by God's grace and sharing my vision for City Reach with the churches from Dayton area. Everyone is welcome to attend. I would love for excitement to build for this City Reach next July.


Kelly Jo and Odie went down to Hillsboro on Wednesday to the Morgan ranch to help prepare for the big Morgan Thanksgiving extravaganza on Thursday. 

I sure hope Odie did not prepare anything after what I see her buying below!

By the time I arrived late Thursday morning the ladies were putting everything in order and setting the table.

It was a table of food fit for a king! Once the prayer of Thanksgiving was offered my Kelly Jo's Dad, Danny, we dug right in and enjoyed every bite of it!

It was great to spend Thanksgiving Day with Kelly Jo's family. We spend a lot of Thanksgivings out of town eating in a Cracker Barrel so to be home this year is extra special. It was a very Morgan Thanksgiving. Thank God for all of His goodness.

We will celebrate Thanksgiving with my family Saturday evening by God's grace.


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