Sunday, November 8, 2015

View Out The Front Window November 8, 2015

I started these Sunday View Out The Front Window posts early last year and added the links from the previous week's posts shortly thereafter. Part of the reason we go to the effort to keep up this blog is so that we have a record of where we have been and what we have done. It has really been handy when we needed to know something from years before. We have a searchable record of revivals, bus maintenance, meetups with friends, meals and a hundred other things.

The View Out the Front Window lets us see at a glance what the parking arrangements are like and the pictures may trigger my mind to things I may need to know when pulling in again. The number of page view are similar on Sunday when compared to the rest of the week so evidently others enjoy seeing where we are too.

My question is this. Are the links from the previous week's post helpful at all? I have no way to track their usage and I would like to know if they are being utilized or not. I like having handy links when I read a blog but do you use them? I am curious.

Speaking of those links: Check out our posts from the last week at the links below.

We should be turned around facing the other way but it was raining when we arrived here and we were in a super big hurry. As you can see here, we are facing the building.

We did not take time or effort to turn around so this is the view you get out the front window this week.

This is the view out the front door.

We are planning to drive to Dothan, Alabama this morning for service and lunch with Pastor Dewayne Watson and all his folks at Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle. We are excited about seeing all of them again and having church with them. We should be back here in Elba tonight to have a few more nights of revival at Grace Fellowship.

I hope you have a great Sunday.


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