Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Salsa Anyone?

I can hear the question on the tip of everyone's tongue right now. "I wonder if the Boggs' have been to Acapulco since they have been in Ohio?" 

My answer? 
"Is the pope catholic?" 
"Is the sky blue?"
"Is the sun still shining?"
"Is the earth still spinning?"
"Is the government still spending money?" 
"Do turkeys gobble?" 
"Does a one legged duck swim in circles?"

Of course we have eaten at Acapulco! We have been home over 48 hours, for goodness sake! In fact, we have visited Acapulco a few times in the last two days. We have pictures to prove it!

The first time we ate there Monday we met my Dad and Mom but failed to get a picture of the crowd. One evening we walked in and our good friends were waiting for a table. They asked us to join them and we were thrilled to do so. We love Bro. Keith and Sis. Jen and their family. All three of their kids have always been so precious and sweet!

We enjoyed another great meal and wonderful fellowship. It was a super evening with friends. Bro. Keith insisted on picking up the tab for dinner and we sure do appreciate it!

We did not get to go for lunch Tuesday. I had some dental work Tuesday morning and they had to numb both sides of my mouth. It was a challenge to talk, chew or swallow without making hamburger out of my tongue so I skipped lunch. No sense ripping open my jaw or tongue right before Thanksgiving dinner!

It has been good to see all my friends at Acapulco and to drink some of their award winning salsa! Wow! That stuff is good!

Hopefully I will have another dose of salsa today and then I will compromise and have some turkey on Thursday! I know that will be good too!

Thanks for reading.


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