Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Continued

Happy Saturday!

This is Odie reporting from Ohio. I hope you all had a superb thanksgiving week. It has been wonderful to spend time with family. Our celebration continues today with the Boggs clan.

As Dad told you in Thursday's post I received an excellent report from my eye doctors Wednesday. I am Praising God for my 20/20 vision!

Another thing I am thanking God for is that my Papaw Danny is healthy. Last Thanksgiving Papaw was very close to a heart attack, and we did not have a clue that he was sick. Doctors told us he would not have survived an attack. We are extremely grateful for Gods mercy to our family!

God is so good to us! We are so unworthy of His mercy and grace. I am reminded of a quote that is so true. "Life is fragile handle with prayer." I am thankful for prayer! I am thankful that God answers prayer. We have relied on God and God always works!

Thursday evening and Friday morning I went shopping with my Morgan family. We had a good time and managed to find a few good deals and not get beat up or even get into a fight.

Papaw and I talked about God's goodness while enjoying frozen yogurt. Everyday is better when ice cream/ frozen yogurt is involved. It really helped us survive the Black Friday madness.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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