Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Planning and Vision Services For City Reach

You can always access our schedule by clicking on the picture of BoggsMobile in the sidebar. That link will take you to the Google Calendar on our website. There have been times when I have fallen behind on keeping the schedule updated but usually it is pretty accurate. It is always a good idea to call and confirm dates before driving a long distance or making advanced reservations because things can and do change at the most inopportune time. 

I try to mention on here if we have a last minute or major change in our schedule but sometimes that gets by me too. I do have a few things I would like to make you aware of schedule wise.

Revival next week, November 15-18 was scheduled to go through Friday night the 20th. Pastor Marshall Adcock contacted me last week and had to shorten it to Wednesday because of something that was scheduled at the end of the week.

We were supposed to be with Pastor Tony St. Cyr November 21-22 in Cartersville, Georgia. The dates are still correct but the church has moved to Adairsville, Georgia.

We are planning to be home for Thanksgiving but then we will do a ten day whirlwind tour as part of City Reach. While planning for City Reach Wichita last year Pastor Don Crowley asked me to go to his church and preach my vision to his people and the people from all the other participating churches that wanted to come.

He said he wanted his leadership and his church folks to buy into the City Reach vision like he had. He believed I was the best one to share that vision. We called it a Planning and Vision Service and we had that in Wichita last December.

God moved in a marvelous way that night and the people caught the vision for City Reach Wichita. City Reach in September was an overwhelming success and that was fostered in large part by the Planning and Vision Service last December.

I decided then that I would save some time this December to go to as many cities as possible and do a Planning and Vision Service to prepare for City Reach. 

The first will be in Dayton, OH at Dryden Rd. Church on Tuesday December 1st in support of City Reach Dayton.

The next will be in Richmond, Indiana at Eaton Pike on Thursday December 3rd in support of City Reach Richmond.

Then we will go to Sapulpa, Oklahoma at Bethany Holiness Church on Friday December 4th in support of City Reach Tulsa.

The following night we will go to Blanchard, Oklahoma at Blanchard Holiness Church on Saturday December 5th in support of City Reach Oklahoma City.

Two nights later we will be near Ft. Worth, Texas at Victory Tabernacle Holiness on Monday December 7th in support of City Reach Ft. Worth.

Finally will be be in Bristow, Virginia at Bristow Assembly on Friday December 11th in support of City Reach Washington DC.

We will going to other cities for City Reach by God's grace but these are the cities we could fit in for a Vision and Planning Service. Letters are going out this week to churches in the cities listed. If you are any where near these cities come be with us a catch the vision of City Reach.

Another addition to the schedule is that we will preach both services on Sunday December 6th for Pastor Lendell Birdsong in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

I am sure we will have an exciting trip and we should be home by December 14. That will give us a few days to catch our breath before we roll our wheels again.

That catches us up I think. Thanks for reading.


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