Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hearing The Isaacs Again

Hey friends!  It is Odie writing to you from Mississippi. Today we will move the BoggsMobile to Waynesboro, Mississippi. We are looking forward to a good week at Little Rock Assembly.  

This past week we have had an excellent time at Red Creek Church of God. The Lord graced us with His presence all three services. We really appreciate Pastor Tom Newberry and his folks for all their kindness.

Because we closed Wednesday night we had Thursday and Friday night off. Of course we managed to find some place to go to church both nights. I am sure that Dad will tell you about Friday night but I want to tell you about Thursday night.

When I checked the Isaacs' schedule I found they were singing Thursday night at a small Baptist Church. Thursday we loaded up in the Green Machine and headed down to the panhandle. Just a couple Saturdays ago I told you I had no clue when I would see the Isaacs again. It happened quicker than I anticipated but I am excited to see them every time. 

It was mid afternoon when we arrived at the church. We enjoyed catching part of their sound check and visiting with our family. The sweet people at Mt Zion welcomed us with opened arms right along with the Isaacs. They were really kind to us and made us feel right at home.

This was our favorite setup for an Isaacs concert. The Isaacs were the only group on the lineup and they could sing as long as they wanted. We had front row seats. It felt like I was getting a personal concert.  This was the Isaacs first time singing at this church. The building was soon packed to overflowing and many in the crowd were seeing the Isaacs for the first time. 

The Isaacs started it off with "Walk On". Then the concert was on a roll. It continued to get better with every note. There is no way I could pick my favorite song of the night.  All in one evening we laughed and cried. It was a power packed night.  

They did a mix of old and new songs. I love the new songs but the old ones are better than they were over 20 years ago when released. As I girl I remember thinking, "It can not get any better". Well I  was way wrong, because they are absolutely better now.   

This is a day I want remember for a long time. It was a super great evening. It would be great if you could see them some time. The Isaacs schedule is listed at It is worth a trip to see them in person. 

Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonya, Becky, Mark, Levi, Justin, Ayden, and Vee Vee we loved getting to see you all again. Thank you for making the night awesome for me. I love you all so much!!

Have a good weekend. I will leave you with pictures to finish the story. 


Ayden's selfie 

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  1. It was so nice getting to meet you that night! And now we have become such great buddies. Singing at Sea was a blast. Hope to see you again soon Odie!

    Love all of you,
    Brandi Stewart
    Esto, Florida


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