Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grace Fellowship Holiness Church

If you missed yesterday's post about Dorcas in Nigeria, click on the highlighted link and is should open in a new page. I think you will enjoy it.

We have been coming to Elba, Alabama for a long time. I am not sure what year we first preached for Pastor Jon Isaacs but I found a few pictures from the Homecoming revival in 2007.

Here are the same two young ladies last night! What a difference a few years will make! They have been singing every night and have been a tremendous blessing.

I think we have preached three revivals here before this one, plus a tent revival for them in Elba in 2012. We have really enjoyed the friendship and fellowship with Bro. Jon Isaacs and his family and church. They are super great people and super great friends. It is really good to be back with them again.

There have been a few changes since we last preached for them in their church. When we were here in December of 2010 they had just moved from their church into their fellowship hall because their old church building was in need of extensive repair or replacing. A couple of years ago they were given an chance to purchase a metal building with quite a bit of acreage out on the main road a little over 3 miles away.

It was a great opportunity and God made a way for them to buy it. They have since completely remodeled the metal building and as you can see it is beautiful.

They have removed the old sanctuary but they still use the fellowship hall at the old location. I do not know what their future plans are for this location but it is an excellent place to park the bus. We really enjoy the nice quite place to park.

The BoggsMobile is sitting right where the old sanctuary use to be.

They not only changed locations but they have changed the name of the church too. Since they are no longer located near Zoar (In fact I have never seen the community of Zoar) the name of the church is Grace Fellowship Holiness Church. They have a great new name, a great new location for a great bunch of folks.

Grace Fellowship
24631 HWY 87
Elba, Alabama

We have had three wonderful nights of revival and we are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do next. We will have revival through Thursday night. That gives us two more nights to enjoy church with our friends here near Elba, Alabama. Come and be with us if you can.

Friday night and Saturday Grace Fellowship is having its annual Men's Camp Out. It will be held on the new property. This is something they do every year and it sounds like they look forward to it all year long. I will be preaching Friday night and Bro. Jerry Rader will be preaching Saturday morning. It should be fun! The women will be having their own thing inside some where too.

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