Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Living Miracle

Odie with Bro. Jonathan Watson

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in today from Elba, Alabama. God visited us in a special way in revival. I am so thankful for the privilege to be a child of God. I believe we will be reaping the benefits of this revival for a long time and it is not even over yet! 

We share a lot of prayer requests on the blog and many more by texts and phone calls. Thank you for joining us in prayer! Most of you do not even know the individuals involved but when the needs are special to us, they become special to you. Thank you for helping us carry the burdens of the family of God.

Our dear friend Jonathan Watson had a very unexpected health crisis last month. Jonathan collapsed while in a church service on October 9th. He went into cardiac arrest and extensive CPR had to be given. Jonathan went several minutes without a heartbeat and was air lifted to a Dothan, Alabama hospital. 

At the beginning the doctors did not give the Watson family much hope that Jonathan would pull through. He spent several days in the critical care unit hanging between life and death. Doctors were baffled by his case and they are still unsure of what caused him to collapse and his heart to stop.  

We are praising God that Jonathan has miraculously recovered. A week ago Tuesday he was released from the hospital after two and a half weeks. The Watsons still have many unanswered questions, but one thing they know for certain, we serve an awesome and a mighty God! It is absolutely amazing how God turned the entire situation around for these dear friends.

Wednesday night the Watson family came to the revival at Grace Fellowship in Elba. I was very glad to see the entire family but I wanted to shout when I saw Jonathan. He is a real living miracle and a testimony to the power of God. I want to proclaim once again that God still works miracles in 2015! Thank you, Lord for caring for your people! 

Please continue to pray for Jonathan as he gains strength. Keep believing God to work in your impossible needs. I pray He moves for you this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend. We will continue in service here at Grace Fellowship Sunday night through Tuesday night. However, Sunday morning we will be singing and preaching at Mt. Sinai Holiness Tabernacle in Dothan, Alabama. It is going to be a special time for us with the Watson family and all their church.


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