Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview November 2

To give an account of our weekend we need to go all the way back to Wednesday of last week. We closed our three night revival at Amazing Grace Tuesday and said good-bye to our Burris friends Wednesday morning. We sure love those folks! Thank you all for your kindness and hospitality.

We really had no firm plans until our flight was scheduled to leave Friday although we did have a few options. 

We could drive down to southern California and explore for City Reach but without some firm direction from the Lord I could not imagine fighting all that traffic just for fun. 

We could drive toward the mountains or the coast and rest while we enjoyed the scenery but that would require some extra driving too and we just could not get enthused about driving. Plus the weather was going to be cool and windy on the coast Thursday.

We could visit with friends. We appreciate the invitations and we always enjoy our California fellowship but our social meter was feeling pretty full. We knew we needed some family time. We have not always been diligent about carving out family time but we are trying to do better.

I let Kelly Jo make the final decision and we ended up in the Fresno area relaxing all day Thursday. It was the right call, especially in hindsight. With all the confusion of Friday, traveling and delays Saturday and traveling in the rain Sunday, we were glad we had taken time to recharge. Even though we rushed into revival Sunday evening at the last minute we were still relatively well rested.

I thing the idea of Odie spending the night in an airport and her picture showing up around the world might have inspired American Airlines to go the extra mile and put us in a nice room Friday night. They were not required to do it but they did. We sure do appreciate it!

Like I said, it was a very nice room!

Saturday we started all over again. The trip from Fresno to Dallas was on time but the flight from Dallas to Meridian and on to Hattiesburg was delayed a couple hours due to storms in Mississippi.

We reunited with the Green Machine in Hattiesburg, Mississippi about 45 minutes from the BoggsMobile. We had not had a good meal all day so we made plans to stop at Huddle House in Petal. It is suppose to be open 24 hours a day on the weekend but they told us they were closed when we went in a few minutes before 11:00.

No worries. We pulled over to Walmart to fuel up and then next door to Waffle House. We each had a big omelet for a late night snack.

First, gas for $1.71 per gallon!

That's the Huddle House across the way taken from the Waffle House parking lot.

We unloaded our luggage from the Green Machine and laid down to rest about 1:30 AM. It felt like the alarm went off about 10 minutes later and we were up trying to get ready to roll toward Alabama. We had to get ready in the rain and then drive in the rain for most of the five hours but we made it.

We parked, set up and walked into church about 30 minutes before starting time. We are very glad to be with Pastor Jon Isaacs and his folks again. We are looking forward to some great services this week.

We had a nice meal and fellowship with the Pastor and his family and few others after church and we were home at a decent hour. Thus came the end of an exciting weekend. I hope your weekend was great as well.

Thanks for reading.


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