Thursday, November 12, 2015

Clean Feet!

We were visiting with a bunch of church folks many, many years ago and laughing (as we often do) about funny things that have happened in church. The Pastor and his people were telling funny things that he had said in the pulpit. We were rolling in laughter and it kept getting funnier and funnier and the stories progressed.

Finally, one of the men said, "Our Pastor has the cleanest feet of any preacher we know." I walked right into his trap and said, "Cleanest feet? What are you talking about?" "Yep" he said, "Our preacher has the cleanest feet of anyone we know, because he is constantly putting his feet in his mouth!"

Maybe you just had to be there, but that statement was hilarious. It was absolutely hilarious! I laughed until I about cried and I have never forgotten it.

Like all great jokes the root of the humor was in the truth behind it. I had heard their Pastor (a very fine man) make some gut-busting bloopers in and out of the pulpit. It is very easy to do.

I am sure that some of us are more prone to make verbal gaffes than others but the fact is this. If you talk very much in front of others, you will say something funny! Believe me, I have said my share of funny things and most of them you will never hear about. 

I should write a book about things I have heard in church and another book about things I have heard in conversation but I would have to include my own bloopers and I can not bring myself to do it! Plus, I would probably not be welcome in most churches. They would think I was on the lookout for material for my next book.

I mentioned in the comments of yesterday's blog that I really stuck my foot in my mouth Tuesday night. I had said earlier that night that if I could some how physically stick my foot in my mouth, that it would be such a contortion, I could sell tickets. Well, I missed my opportunity!

This is me and Bro. Derek Snellgrove. The fact that he is standing close to me in this picture and smiling, hopefully means that all is forgiven. Maybe it is true.

We were talking about the way something sounds and I blurted out a disparaging comment that I have said at least a thousand times to describe something that does not sound as good as it should.

I said, "It sounds like an AM radio!"

The problem? Bro Derek owns and operates WELB AM 1350 Southern Gospel radio station. I do not know if Bro. Jon Isaacs said something or kind of pointed or nodded at Bro. Derek next to him but I immediately connected my statement with Bro. Derek's AM station and turned 37 shades of red in my face!

There was nothing I could do but hide my face and laugh with them!

Oh, well, at least my feet are clean!

One thing is certain. I will do my very best to strike that phrase from vocabulary!

Thanks for reading.



  1. That was so funny! HeHe! We won't never forget that 1!! I wish we would have taken a picture of you after you realized what you had said. That was funny too.

  2. Best laugh I've had in a long time! I was not offended in any way Brother! I thought it was hilarious!! Love you guys!

  3. Icing on the cake!

  4. Well, I am glad I could provide some entertainment and bring a little joy into your world, my Alabama friends.. I sure did not mean to step off that cliff!



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