Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thankful Heart

A Pastor opened up a revival service for testimonies and his young son was one of the first to stand up. We could see the lump in the Pastor's throat and apprehension in his face as he wondered what his son would say. He was probably questioning his own decision to open up the floor to testimonies.

The young man said with complete sincerity, "I want to thank God for my family. We are not a perfect family, but we are a family."

I know the Pastor/Dad felt like crawling into the Bible stand as we all smiled politely and laughed like crazy inwardly. We all had a good tease and laugh about it later but it has become a common phrase in the BoggsMobile.

We will look at one another quite often and say, "We are not a perfect family, but we are family."

That pretty much sums us up. Even though we might like for the world around us to view us without all of our warts and other imperfections, the truth remains we are not perfect, we are not whole, we are not exactly what we planned to be by now. Yet we are thankful we are not what we use to be and certainly not as low down as we could be.

We are very thankful as a family that God has been so very good to us. That does not mean that everything is rosy or that we can even begin to understand some of the things that are going on around us. It simply means we are thankful for the place that God has brought us to at the moment in spite of what we think about the present circumstances.

We are thankful every day. We must be. When Paul describes the perilous times we live in, he includes two words grouped together; unthankful, unholy. I do not believe these words are placed side by side on accident. When we are unthankful, unholy will not be far behind.

So, we are thankful for all God has done every day. But today, we will be thankful on purpose. We will gather with family and formally praise God for all He has done the last year. We will praise Him for the good, the bad and the ugly. In everything we will do our best to give thanks!

One thing we will be praising God for is definitely on the good side of the ledger. Odie visited the neuro-ophthalmologist Wednesday for her periodic check-up since she woke up on April 13, 2014 completely blind in her left eye. Each visit since God began restoring her vision has been marked by progress and good news. It has been miraculous.

Yesterday the news was a tremendous continuation of her miracle. Odie's good eye is 20/20. The left eye, the eye that was blind had improved to 20/25 last summer. 20/25 was awesome after being completely blind but she is still getting better. Now the left eye is 20/20!  We praise God for helping and healing Odie!

May God help us all to find something or several somethings to thank God for today.

Thanks for reading and have a good Thanksgiving Day.


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