Friday, November 13, 2015

Quite A Towing Contraption

I saw this Allegro motorhome and its towing contraption going east on I-10 Wednesday.

Yes, boys and girls that is some kind of trailer, plus a boat, a pickup truck and a very fine motorcycle in the bed of the truck.

Looks like he had to leave his golf cart and most of his other toys at home. What a shame!

Of course I took these pictures while driving a bus, pulling a car, texting, talking on the phone, eating chips, drinking Coca-Cola and watching clips from YouTube on my in-dash entertainment system.

You all be careful out there on the road, you hear?



  1. Hmm. If they tied a rope to the truck and the golf-cart, looks like they could have pulled it. Haha!
    Thats hilarious! Thanks for sharing

  2. I guess the truck could have pulled a trailer!

    Thanks for commenting, Evan.



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