Saturday, November 21, 2015

True Bravery

Hi friends,

This Odie reporting once again from a rolling BoggsMobile. The bus is pointed south this morning. We are looking forward to being with Pastor Tony St Cyr this weekend in Adairsville, Georgia. Dad mentioned yesterday that we will be singing tonight at 6:00 and singing and preaching Sunday morning.

I hope you have had a good week. We had four great services at First Assembly in Douglas, Georgia. Our time with Pastor Marshall and Sis. Paige Adcock went by too quickly. We look forward to spending more time with them soon.

Wednesday night we said a final earthly farewell to a precious friend. I miss sweet Sis. Mary Isham and our hearts are so heavy for Bro Joel Isham and their families. We cannot answer the question of why and what right now, but I am secure in this fact, we will see Mary again very soon in Heaven. Mary lived an amazing life, faithful to the Lord! 

Dad said something at Mary's funeral that struck a chord with me. "You say you would die for the Lord, but will you live for the Lord?" I want to live a sold out, unwavering, faithful life for the Lord. Living faithfully for God may prove to be a challenge but it must be done.

I have reflected a lot this week on one of my favorite childhood memories. I loved listening to the radio. I remember loving to hear a certain old song by Tom Green played on WFCJ 93.7. Years later they were still playing the song and during a station tour we learned "Forty Brave Soldiers For Jesus" was the only song in rotation that was still played from an actual record album.

Now that I am older I truly appreciate the stand these men took for Christ. Here is a link to the audio on You Tube of "Forty Brave Soldiers For Jesus". You can find their story through Google. I encourage you to look it up and read their story and be encouraged to stand.

What is bravery? "Be Brave" is a cool catch phrase now. It can be found on countless shirts, pictures, or any type of home decor item. But being brave is so much more than a motto. 

I am thankful for the forefathers who had a vision for a new land where they could worship God in freedom. Many sacrificed their lives so this great nation could be our home.

We are still reaping benefits from those brave men and women today. Our blessings are so numerous we can not name them all. I do not want to be blinded by blessing to the point that I forget the sacrifice of others before me. 

I also want to be ready to make my own stand in the face of opposition if it is required. One dictionary had this definition for "Brave: Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage." I want to live a life patterned after these words. Today my prayer is for true bravery in Christ. 

So during this week of Thanksgiving we will laugh and be thankful with family and friends! I want to remember others are watching me. I do not want just a brave face, but my desire is for a brave heart. 

I hope my jumbled thoughts made sense to you. All of this has been percolating in my brain. Maybe my awesome editor, my Dad, will make this post somewhat coherent. 

Until next weekend, Happy Thanksgiving!


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