Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Wonderful Night In Wichita!

Tuesday night was a wonderful night in Wichita, Kansas! We were invited to First Church of God in Christ by Pastor Don Crowley to share our burden for City Reach Tent Revivals. We are planning to join with Pastor Crowley and Pastor John DiZazzo along with their churches to bring City Reach to Wichita in September of 2015. It will be our kickoff of City Reach that will run all the way through 2016.

New Horizon church was represented in the service too. We hope they and other churches will be able and willing to join with us to reach out to the people of Wichita that need to be saved, healed and delivered. If last night's service is any indication, and I believe it is, we are going to have a great City Reach meeting here.

It was Pastor Crowley's idea for me to preach my vision to his people. He has caught the vision and Pastor DiZazzo has caught the vision but they wanted their people to catch it as well. I thought it was a wonderful idea and I believe that God helped me communicate my heart to the saints that were there in the service last night. God moved among us in a wonderful way.

I like the idea so much that we may spend next December visiting at least some of the cities on the schedule for City Reach 2016 and do the same thing we did here last night. If the saints catch on fire then we will all burn that much brighter for Christ and have more affect on lost souls.

I really appreciate Bro. Crowley and Bro. DiZazzo joining with us for City Reach Wichita. I think God has big plans for Wichita.

We have a few pictures from last night. We arrived at First Church of God in Christ in the afternoon but I forgot to take a picture of the church in the daylight. I did get a picture of the BoggsMobile before church but there was not enough light to do much more. Maybe I can get a picture this morning before we leave and add it in.

Thanks for reading.


Pastor DiZazzo, Pastor Crowley and Davy

Davy and Pastor Don Crowley

Pastor John DiZazzo and Davy

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