Sunday, November 30, 2014

View Out The Front Window November 30, 2014

Since we have been on the move this last week, we have lots of pictures from our front window. We traveled four days. Two of those days ended in truck stops in Bellemont, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico. The third ended at an RV Park in Amarillo, Texas and the fourth ended at our destination, the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas.

This is our view out the front window Monday night at the Pilot Truck Stop in Bellemont, Arizona near Flagstaff.

This is our view out the front window Tuesday night at the Flying J Truck Stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Out the front door at the same place.

Out the front window a little later in the evening.

And one more from beside the BoggsMobile looking toward the front. Albuquerque is a beautiful city at night.

This is the view out our front window in an RV Park in Amarillo, Texas Wednesday night. I guess they put the riffraff in the back.

Here is the old familiar view out our front window at House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas.

And out the front door.

Gainesville is a very comfortable place to park. We first brought our Hitchhiker 5th wheel here in February 2003. We loved it from the first moment. There is a very nice concrete drive all around the church with the RV parking and full hookups in the back away from all the traffic. Bro. Logan loved evangelists and did everything he possibly could to make us feel comfortable at his church.

Bro. Logan was not able to pastor the last couple of years of his life and has now been in Heaven over a year now. Pastor Dennis King is still taking great care of us and we are enjoying every moment of it. He took me to lunch Friday while the girls were shopping and even took me to see Santa.

Here he is. A skinny Santa riding a Harley! It cracked me up.

Bro. Larry and Sis. Rosemary Landress were passing through Gainesville on Saturday. They are on their way to the border for a missions conference and then on into Mexico for a few days. 

We realized several weeks ago that our paths would cross this weekend and we have been looking forward to seeing them ever since. It was super great to spend a few hours with our dear friends. We hated to see them move on. Bro. and Sis. Landress included us in their travel plans many, many times through the years. We love to see them every time we can.

Pastor Dennis King took us all to lunch and we enjoyed the food and fellowship. 

We begin revival today in Gainesville. We are looking forward to it.


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