Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Beautiful Drive, Big Trees and Tacos!

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park

After a very late night visiting with friends after church Thursday night we decided that an early start was not a good idea for Friday morning. By the time we rested and then finished everything we needed to do at home we rolled out of Riverdale in the Green Machine late in the morning. Odie decided to have a day to herself at home so Kelly Jo and I ventured out into the world on our own.

We decided to take a drive that we had taken as a family in the Cheap Jeep on Memorial Day 2009. We were preaching the first revival in the new Riverdale Assembly building that week and they had several community activities planned for the holiday. Since we were not having church we took of for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Friday Kelly Jo and I duplicated that drive in the Green Machine. It was an awesome day. We started out going through Hanford and then into the entrance of Sequoia National Park. We made our way through the park and out the Kings Canyon exit and then a stop at Tacos Tijuana in Fresno before going south toward the BoggsMobile.

It was a little over 200 mile drive and we took 8 hours to do it. Like I said it was an awesome day.

The drive into Sequoia is absolutely beautiful. It was some what cool as we started and the fog was rolling in most of the day. The higher we went the cooler it became.

The road used to go right under this rock formation appropriately named Tunnel Rock.

WE thought it was just begging to be climbed. It does not look to high from the ground but it looks a lot different from the top.

And there was not a level spot to stand on Tunnel Rock either.

As the elevation changed and we entered the Sequoia forests the fog became heavier, the air became cooler and we found ourselves going even slower to try and take it all in.

There is no way to see the "bigness" of the trees without something thrown in for scale. Here is the Green Machine with some of the smaller trees.

Here is Kelly Jo with a medium tree.

The next two pictures have General Sherman in the back ground. They point it out from there so you can see the whole of the tree and try to take in just how big it is as you walk closer.

Here it is up close.

The grove around General Sherman is beautiful and filled with huge trees.

It was plum cold in the General Sherman forest. KJ was wishing for a heavier coat and I was wishing for some ear muffs and socks!

It began to get dark as we made our way north through Kings Canyon National Park toward Fresno. Kelly Jo snapped some great pictures from the road.

Since Kelly Jo and Odie took Regan Morris to see General Grant a few weeks ago and took some great pictures we bypassed him and his buddies this time. It was too dark to see much any way.

We pressed on toward the absolutely beautiful sight of Tacos Tijuana in Fresno. Wow! That place is so good!

That pretty much wraps up the report on our wonderful day driving through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. We had an absolute blast. I wish you all could enjoy some of this with us. Every few minutes when enjoying a day like this we mention friends and family that we would love to bring to see some of this. Are y'all bored living in one spot yet?

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  1. I'm so glad you two had a day to yourselves and such a fun drive! I was there a few weeks ago and personally climbed to the top of Moro Rock!! It's beautiful countryside. Have a blessed day! Sis. Tammy


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