Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunday In Gainesville, Texas

It was another great Sunday for the Boggs Family. This time we spent that great Sunday at the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas with pastor Dennis King and all of his great folks. We are so glad to be here and thankful they keep inviting us back.

We only have 5 services of revival scheduled here so we jumped right in with both feet. God blessed and helped in the altar Sunday morning in a mighty way. 100% of the people responded to the altar call and God honored their response. That one service was worth the whole revival for us. But Sunday night was good as well and we are looking forward to seeing what God will do the next three nights.

Saturday some of the brothers were working on the lights inside the sanctuary. With the beautiful tall ceiling comes the beautiful problem of reaching the lights. A little ingenuity and a little courage was all that was needed. I stayed on the ground and took pictures for the record.

The rest of the pictures are from Sunday.

The church is large and very nice. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas. I need to go up into the balcony and try to take a picture of the whole thing.

Pastor Dennis King

As you can see from the pictures, Sunday was a gorgeous day. It was 78 degrees when I checked at one point and was supposed to climb to 80 and I am sure it probably did. The temperature collapsed over night and it may not even get out of the 30's today. It should be back to the 50's Tuesday and warmer the rest of the week but today is a cold winter blast.

It was wonderful to have Pastor Richard and Sis. Naomi Frank with us Sunday night. They were passing through after visiting family in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving and made a point to stop and be in service with us. God bless them for it! They were a blessing to us and to the church.

I hope you had a great Sunday. Thanks for reading. God bless you all.


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