Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sunday and Monday

Just one picture to keep you going today. Wow! Tacos Monday night from Taco Tijuana in Fresno! So, so so good!

I promised I would bring you up to date in today's post. Sunday was a full day and a great day. We drove to Hanford for our last service there Sunday morning. We really had a good revival from Thursday through Sunday morning. We sure appreciate the folks at Victory Holiness Church for having us this year. We really enjoyed it.

After church we broke down the sound equipment and loaded it up in the Green Machine. After visiting with all the folks and saying goodbye we hurried back to the BoggsMobile in hopes of eating a quick lunch and getting some rest before heading to Fresno.

We left Riverdale a little after 4:00 since we did not know for sure how long it would take us to get to Souls Harbor on the north end of Fresno. 33 minutes later we were pulling in and unloading the sound equipment into the church.

It is great to see all of our friends at Souls Harbor. Some of them have been blessing us by coming to other revivals but it is wonderful to finally be in Fresno. We met many of these folks on that first trip to California in 1992 that I mentioned the other day. Bro. Joe Munoz was the pastor then and they were renting a building down in Fresno. We had an awesome time during that first visit.

Bro. Joe's son Anthony has been the pastor for many years and God provided them a church building several years ago. We have been back here many times in the years since that first visit and we always enjoy it so much. 

Monday night was another good service followed by great fellowship and a trip to our favorite taco place in Fresno, Tacos Tijuana. The tacos are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Hopefully we will make a return trip before we leave the area.

That pretty much brings you up to date on us. One more important thing though. I requested prayer for Sis. Carol Martin yesterday. Odie has been talking to Julie Martin the last two days and she said the results from the tests are not good at all. Please pray for Sis. Martin and the whole family.

Thanks for reading.


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