Sunday, November 9, 2014

View Out The Front Window November 9, 2014

We are closing four services of revival this morning at Victory Holiness in Hanford and we plan to begin five nights of revival this evening at Souls Harbor in Fresno. Those plans are pretty much the way we had it figured but our parking plans have changed. 

We had planned to park at the fairgrounds in Hanford and at an RV park in Fresno. We decided not to move last Thursday since I had to preach that morning at Riverdale Christian Academy and I was not feeling all that well. Driving 30 minutes to Hanford was not all that bad and going to Fresno is not much farther so we are going to stay parked right here at Riverdale.

Pastor Spencer had extended the offer for us to remain parked here so I called him make sure it was OK and he said it was super fine. I am usually very fussy about moving on after revival and not over staying my welcome. But Bro. Spencer and his folks made it abundantly clear that they wanted us to stay and I feel pretty comfortable with it especially since I am not parked right in the way taking up a big portion of their parking lot.

Since we did not move, our view is the same as last Saturday minus the rain.

Front door

Front window

I hope you have a super great Sunday.


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