Monday, November 3, 2014

A Great Sunday at Riverdale

Edit: Church at Riverdale starts at 7:30 on Monday and Wednesday night. Tuesday is election day and we will begin service at 6:00 to allow people to participate in the election night activities of candidates they have supported.

I am glad to report that we were all feeling some better Sunday. None of us are even near 100% but we are gaining. We were able to sing some Sunday morning and I still had some voice after I preached. Those are good signs that we may live through this cold/flu/junk yet. I know that some of you pray for our health and safety everyday and I want you to know we appreciate it very much.

We are back at one of the prettiest churches in America this week and we are super glad to be here.

Isn't beautiful?

And it is just as pretty on the inside too.

Saturday evening Kelly Jo slipped over to the corner store for a 4x4. What is a 4x4? Only one of the best sub style sandwiches in the world. We love these things!

Sunday morning we had a great service with a very good response in the altar. I am always thankful when folks respond to the Word of God. He knows what we need to hear. I know that the next three nights are going to be tremendous.

We really did not get that many pictures of our friends at Riverdale but I am sure we will have plenty of pictures before revival is over

We had a great meal Sunday afternoon with the Spencer's at Black Bear Diner.

Sunday night was a special night at Riverdale. They had a big birthday banquet for Sis. Spencer. She turned 76 years old and we celebrated it up big. They had a super fine meal and a wonderful pie auction afterward. They did a silent auction and then a live auction of 57 homemade desserts! Wow! What a way to totally destroy a diet!

Bro. Spencer and the birthday girl.

This was one of the desserts that sold at auction. I sampled this one and it was awesome!

Thanks Sis. Amber!

This is another dessert that I sampled. Red Velvet Cheesecake. Wow! Sis. Crystal Spencer made this. Thank you Sis. Crystal.

That pretty much wraps up a super Sunday for us at Riverdale Assembly in Riverdale, California. What a wonderful day with great friends. I hope you had a great Sunday as well.


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