Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thank God for Pastor Anthony Munoz

I appreciate every Pastor that asks us into their church. I consider every invitation an honor and a privilege. If it were not for Pastors we would have no place to go. We have been very blessed to preach for some great men the last few weeks in California and the last several years all over this nation.

I am so very glad to be at Souls Harbor in Fresno this week. We love the folks and we enjoy their fellowship. We love the Munoz family and we are always thrilled to see them whenever we can.

I am especially thankful that Pastor Anthony Munoz invited us because it is only by the grace of God that he is alive to do so. Bro. Anthony has survived two very serious battles with cancer. God spared and delivered him and we praise God for it. It could have turned out very differently.

We have lost friends to cancer and other forms of sickness and it is always overwhelmingly sad. We have dear friends that are battling for their very lives right this moment as their families watch, wait and wonder. The hurt and confusion they are experiencing is unspeakable.

All of this causes me to pray fervently for my friends And it produces a profound thankfulness in my heart for the friends that God has allowed to stay with us a few more years. We mourn for those that are gone, we pray for those that are currently in a fight for their very lives and we rejoice with those that are healed and preserved.

Pastor Anthony Munoz is one of those that God healed. Thank God for Pastor Anthony Munoz.

We were out here in the fall of 2011 as Bro. Munoz was going through his second round of cancer. Pastor Jared Burris and I visited Bro. Anthony and Sis. Rosemary the day after his final fatal dose of chemo and the day before they reintroduced his stem cells. It was touch and go and could have easily went the other way. Thank God for His touch.

Below is what I posted then about that visit.

On Tuesday Pastor Burris and I drove over to Stanford, California to see Pastor Anthony Munoz and his wife, Sis. Rose. Bro. Anthony is battling cancer for the second time and is in a very critical phase of his treatment at Stanford Medical Center. 

I cannot begin to comprehend all the process but this is how I understand it. They have given Bro. Anthony a lethal dose of Chemo to burn all the bone marrow out of his body. Today they will transplant the stem cells that were taken from him previously. If all goes well this will rid his body of all the cancer. 

Please pray that Bro. Anthony's body will respond properly and that he will have no side effects. Pray for the whole family that God will strengthen them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know God is able to help them through this. 

These are pictures that Bro. Anthony has drawn on the whiteboard in his room the last few days. Praise God for a sense of humor on dark days. 


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