Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thankfulness Soaring In My Heart

Hey friends! Happy Saturday to you. How was your Thanksgiving?  We had a great day. Most of our day was spent traveling from Amarillo to Gainesville, Texas.  

I must admit I missed my Ohio family this week. I am already anticipating being home in a couple weeks. The Morgan crew met up at my grandparents Thursday for dinner. I am thankful we were able to talk and text with them.  I wish I could have some of my Gran's cooking. Our Boggs clan meets up this afternoon at my Mamaw and Papaw's. I know they will have a fantastic evening. I am thankful for my whole family! Love you all and we will see you soon!

As you all know we left California Mond+ay morning. We had several good weeks in one of my favorite states. I was sad to leave, but the asphalt in my blood was itching. It was time for us  to roll. 

Last Friday was the final day of school before Thanksgiving break at Riverdale Christian Academy. It was party day for most of RCA.  Sis. Twila Spencer invited me to visit her class. The 4th graders had built rockets and Friday was launch day. It was exciting to watch my buddies launch their creations.

I had a blast getting to see several of my Riverdale friends one last time. We topped the afternoon off with ice cream and brownies in the learning center. Thanks Twila for allowing me to join in the fun. 

I am thankful we have been blessed with a smooth travel week from California to Texas. I have picked a habit up from Dad, of thanking God every time the BoggsMobile cranks on command. The Lord shields us thousands of miles each year, and I am truly grateful. I do not want to take His protection lightly. 

On long travel weeks I like to use some of the time to catch up with my great friends. I am blessed beyond measure with friends. On Thanksgiving I was able to touch base with many I had not talked to in a while. 

Let me close this week with a little personal note.  

Dad and Mom, I am thankful God put me in your family. Thank you all you do!  Both of do so much behind the scenes working to keep our family machine oiled and working!!  I love you both more than word express!!

God bless,


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