Saturday, November 22, 2014

Odie Saying Amen!

Hello friends! I hope you have a good Saturday!  This will be my final Saturday to post from California for this trip. We have had a superb time out here the last several weeks. I am always a little sad to see it come to an end. If all goes as planned we will be leaving California on Monday.

This week we have so enjoyed being with Pastor Doug Spencer and family in Avenal, California. It has been great to visit with my friends Twila and Tiffany. They are two Godly girls and I am blessed to call my friends. I will miss them. 

It has been exciting to watch God move is the services at Avenal Assembly. I love seeing the Lord change hearts and lives. The folks have responded to our singing and Dad's preaching every night and God has met with us all in the altar.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching on Thursday. I know all of us have so much to be thankful for. There have been a few rough patches for us this year, but God is always faithful to see us through. I am thankful for my restored vision this year. Here is one of many blogs we have posted about my vision in the last 32 weeks. That post was early in the battle, and as of August my good eye is 20/20 and my "blind eye" is 20/30. We are anticipating another good report from my neuro-ophthalmologist in December.  

I love music. The right song at the right time often helps me get through life. Early this year I first heard a piece of the song Say Amen
I immediately loved the song, and as quickly as possible I pre-ordered the Brian Free and Assurance project "Unashamed" from their website.  It is also available on iTunes. 

I can easily Say Amen God has been with me through my whole life. I loved this song even before the vision issues this year. Once again new and fresh I can"Say Amen" to God's faithfulness! This is a song I sang over and over during the many days full of questions. Now I truly can sing it with victory and confidence. 

Say Amen was penned by Kenna West, Jason Cox and Michael Farren. It has been a great song for Brian Free and Assurance. It has seen great charting success. Even landed at the number 1 position on Singing News Magazine Top 80 chart. Brian Free and Assurance have released a music video to the song. You can check it out here.

Have a God blessed weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving. We will be spending Thanksgiving along the road this year. Each mile we will travel is taking me closer to being home for Christmas. I am looking forward to being  with my family again. 


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