Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friends Plus Fellowship Equals Fun

Hello! Odie writing to you again from California. Our time in this great state is coming to an end soon but we sure have enjoyed ourselves. We plan to enjoy this coming week with Pastor Doug Spencer and everyone at Avenal Assembly and then a Sunday in Arbuckle before moving east. 

We had an excellent time this week at Souls Harbor Holiness Church.  The Lord was there to meet us in each service.  It is always wonderful to be with the Munoz clan and all of our friends there in Fresno!  

I especially like getting to be with the kids met when I was a kid. As Dad has told you I turned 7 during our first trip to California. I made some lifelong friends with kids on that and subsequent trips. Most of those "kids" are now married with little ones of their own. I really enjoy getting to know their children. I now have several new little buddies.

Last Saturday I was able to spend the day with my friend Tammy Ferguson. We had a great day shopping in Fresno and a very good relaxing lunch.  I enjoyed getting to talk face to face, instead of via the phone or text messaging. It was an all around fun day spent with a good friend, shopping, eating and laughing.

I snapped some fun pictures along the way. Thanks, Tammy, for taking time to spend the day with me! I am thankful for the privilege and blessing to call you friend!

Olive Garden was offering endless Pasta. I was able enjoy two helpings without blowing my diet. We ordered the light salad dressing on our salads.  I can hardly tell a difference between light and regular. It is really tasty!



Starbucks was a yummy way to cap the day in town. 

Tammy joined us at church that night in Hanford. It is always a joy to be in service with her.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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  1. This day was so much fun and there is no amount of money that could replace the fun that I was able to share with my dear friend Odie. So blessed to call her friend!


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