Sunday, November 23, 2014

View Out The Front Window November 23, 2014

The BoggsMobile is still in Riverdale this weekend but we are in Dunnigan, California at the Motel 6. Here is our view out the front door.

And here is our view out the front window.

Saturday we left Riverdale and drove about 3 1/2 hours up here to Dunnigan. We stopped for a great meal and fellowship at Tacos Tijuana in Fresno. All our friends in Fresno and Atwater were occupied so we ate tacos alone. It could have been sad but our dancing taste buds made up for it. I will have pictures later.

We are just a few miles from Arbuckle where we are supposed to preach both services today for Pastor Nate McCoy and his folks. We had a great visit with them last night and we are anxious to get to know them better.

Our plan is to drive back to Riverdale tonight after church and then hit the road Monday morning in the BoggsMobile headed toward Texas. IF there is any post at all tomorrow it will probably just be pictures from the services today and a few from yesterday. 

Have a great Sunday.


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