Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Travel Days and Schedule Changes

Today's post runs from California to New Mexico and even takes in a little bit of Oklahoma even though we have not been there physically in the last few days.

After many happy days in California it was time to say goodbye and roll the BoggsMobile toward the great state of Texas. We love the state of California. We love the ever changing scenery, we love the weather and we loves its people. May God bless all the churches that opened their doors to us on this westward tour. You all are the reason we are able to keep traveling and spreading the Gospel. We loved being with you.

We left very late in the morning on Monday. From central California it is a long way to the state line no matter which direction you go. This is a rest area about 3 1/2 hours from Riverdale.

I took this picture of our GPS as we crossed the state line with Arizona on I-40.

So after 393 miles and nearly 7 hours we finally made it to the state line.

Our plan was to drive to Kingman, Arizonia and spend the night at the Flying J. Kingman was the last place along I-40 that was forecast to stay above freezing Monday night. The rest of the route was going to be warmer the rest of the week but Monday was going to be frigid.

When we pulled into the Flying J all of the RV spaces were full or WAY to small for the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine. There were several spaces available in the truck parking but I would have had to remove the car and then back the bus in. That is not a huge deal but I was feeling good and I knew there was a rest area up the road where we could spend the night.

What I did Not know was that the rest area was closed! Another thing I did not know was that there was not another place to park for 120+ miles. When I finally arrived in Bellemont at the Pilot close to Flagstaff it was 25 bad cold degrees.  The picture below has a finger in the lower left corner because I am not used to taking pictures with gloves on!

We had seriously considered taking the southern route to Texas. It is nearly 200 miles farther but much warmer. We decided while driving Monday to follow I-40 because the weather forecast was pretty good as long as we stayed away from Flagstaff Monday night. Well, as you can see, that did not work out to well for us!

After a fitful night we pulled out of the Pilot and drove toward the sun and its warmth. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day! The USA is a gorgeous place and we are blessed to live here.

Tuesday was a shorter day for us. I think it was about 330 miles to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were parked in the Flying J on the west side of town shortly after noon. We had some pressing business that needed to be completed and Albuquerque was the last city along our route where we could get it done.

When the business was finished we decided a nap was in order. When the nap was finished the sun was setting and we decided to stay the night. Albuquerque is a beautiful city.

I would have liked to finished the 300+ miles to Amarillo but we are fine right here. So that puts two travel days and between 900-1000 miles behind us. We only have a little over 600 to go. I plan to stop at a little RV park west of Amarillo and stay at least one night there before moving on to the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas.

I do have a schedule change to tell you about. After Gainesville we were going to Lawton, Oklahoma. Pastor Brandon Murray called me Sunday night and told me he had to cancel revival. He did not realize that many of his folks were going to be gone that week. We sure hate to miss them this year but we understand completely. It is hard to have revival without your folks there. We love the Murray family and the church at Lawton.

I text several folks in the Oklahoma area that might have been planning to visit the revival at Lawton to let them know it was canceled. Pastor Lendell Birdsong asked us to spend the weekend with them at Blanchard. So we will be there December 6th and 7th by God's grace. You can always see the latest updates to our schedule HERE.

That brings you up to date. May you have great food, great family time, great fellowship and overflowing thankful hearts tomorrow as you gather for Thanksgiving.


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