Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

We are starting this Thanksgiving in Amarillo, Texas at an RV Park near the Big Texan Steakhouse. We had a good travel day Wednesday, driving a little over 300 miles. We arrived here just in time to get settled in the RV Park and then go for a great meal. I will try to put up some pictures from the Big Texan tomorrow.

My first visit to the Big Texan was on Thanksgiving Day in 1986. Jeff Hensley and I were passing through on our way to Phoenix to visit my brother Steve. We ordered two steak dinners and a $20 bill covered the meals and the tip. The three steaks last night cost me considerably more than that! We have eaten there several more times through the years including for Odie's 17th birthday.

We have about 300 more miles to travel and then our long journey from Arbuckle, California to Gainesville, Texas will be complete. We are planning on finishing the drive today but since most of the trip is behind us and we are not pressed for time, we will play it by ear. I like to drive hard as we have and then spend two nights in one place once the bulk of the traveling is behind us. Plus the Big Texan is having a Thanksgiving buffet too! I know I will not feel much like driving if I eat that.

If we decide to go on to Gainesville today then Kelly Jo and Odie will probably go to Dallas/Ft. Worth area and shop on Friday. Since I am not the shopper in the family I will let them make the final decision. We generally eat at Cracker Barrel while traveling on Thanksgiving. IF we end up in Gainesville this evening then Cracker Barrel will be in the plan.

We were thinking of family this week and going through some old Thanksgiving posts. We found this from Thanksgiving dinner with the Morgan family a few years ago and we have been laughing our heads off. 

Kelly Jo's brother Danny singing Opera to the extreme delight of her cousin Jackie. It was hilarious! If viewing the blog from an iPad or iPhone you may not be able to see the clip. I wish that Apple and Google would just play nice. I guess we need to start posting the clips to YouTube and then they would be visible to everybody.

Odie said that somebody told her they watch this clip on our blog whenever they need a really good laugh. I hope it brought a smile to your face.

God bless you all today.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Bro. Davy, Sis. Kelly, and Sis Odie !!!
    Did you try the 72oz steak at the Big Texan?
    We love you guys. Be safe.
    Bruce & Priscilla


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