Saturday, November 8, 2014

God Bless Our Veterans

Hello friends happy Saturday to all of you.  We have had a great week! Odie here and I am happy to report I am still alive. The sickness junk we have had was no fun. We are all doing much better.  

It was wonderful to once again be with Pastor Charles Spencer and all our friends at Riverdale Assembly of God!!  The time passed to quickly.  Wednesday night God came by in the service and gave me a  very special blessing. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's school revival at Riverdale Christian Academy was outstanding. I love seeing young lives touched by the Lord!  This school has had major impact on many lives through the years. 

Currently we are in revival at Victory Holiness Church in Hanford, California. Most of these folks have been our friends since our first trip to California in fall of 1992. It is good to be with them again. 

This coming week our nation celebrates Veterans Day. I am thankful for every past and current member of our Armed Forces. I know they have sacrificed so that I can enjoy the freedom of being a US Citizen. If you are a Veteran, thank you for serving our Country!

A couple weeks ago when I sent in my absentee ballot for the election I was overwhelmed with gratitude that I could place my vote. Men and women have sacrificed much for my right to vote. It is easy to take that for granted and not properly appreciate it.

I love seeing clips of military families reunited with their Veteran. I cried when I first saw this clip a couple years ago. When preparing for this post I knew I wanted to find it. I cried like a baby all over again. Military families go through so much in support of their loved ones. If you are in a military family thanks for your sacrifices!

Click on THIS LINK if the clip is not embedded below.

Many America service members have made the ultimate sacrifice. Their families were forced to sacrifice as well. They did not get to enjoy a happy reunion. I am always saddened when I hear a soldier has given their life in the line of duty. May God help the families that are left behind.

Regan Morris sent this picture to me from the airport on her way to California to see us. Regan graciously allowed me to use it today. What a sobering moment.

God bless you this weekend!


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