Monday, November 17, 2014

A Wonderful Weekend In California

We had two great services at Avenal Assembly Sunday and two great meals with Pastor Doug Spencer and his family. I really enjoyed preaching both services and the folks responded in the altar both times. I always love that. Please pray that God will give us souls in the altar every night this week. It would be awesome to see about a dozen saved and added to the church.

Since we decided to leave the BoggsMoblie parked in Riverdale we did have quite a bit more driving to do but it was worth it. It is just a shade over 40 miles from Riverdale to Avenal and a few miles more on the return trip since we detoured for meals both times. We drove about 175 miles Sunday, had two services, enjoyed fellowship and great meals twice and still had time for nearly an hour nap in the afternoon. That is not a bad day at all.

I told you that Kelly Jo and I went for a drive on Friday. I hope to have the pictures from that drive ready to post tomorrow. Saturday we did as much of nothing as we could cram into one day. In the evening I tried to prepare for Sunday and Kelly Jo and Odie ran into town for a couple of hours or so. All in all we had a super great weekend.

The weather has cooled some here in central California but it is still VERY nice compared to most of the country right now. It was supposed to be 40 last night but is going up to 68 today. I am so glad we missed the deep freeze for once. I may finally be in the right place at the right time. Even though I am sure we will encounter our share of cold weather soon enough, I am trying my best to boycott winter as long as possible this year.

I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures below.

Thanks for reading.

Davy and Pastor Doug Spencer

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