Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pray For the Martin Family

I mentioned a couple days ago that our friends the Martins are in desperate need of prayer. Sis. Martin has been very sick for some time and has recently received a very disappointing diagnosis from the doctors. In fact they have not received much good news at all since the whole ordeal began.

They are trusting God to do His will and work in their lives and they are asking Him for a miracle. They are updating their website every few days and you can keep up with that HERE.

This is part of the post that they put up November 14th.

Thank you for all the prayers and support you have shown towards our family while we are awaiting the miracle God has yet ahead for us. All the texts, comments, calls, visits, and physical blessings have been a source of great strength to our family. We are so thankful for our precious friends now more than ever.
From the human side of things, there have been more bleak results, but as Mom has said several times, God has put us in a bubble of protection that has been so precious and real. We know it is because so many are standing with us in prayer that God is carrying us through this hard time. Honestly, the pain is so deep that it is hard to share, but we KNOW that God has brought us to this place not on accident and thus we can trust that He has everything in control.
After a consultation with the Doctor on Thursday, we were given more news and percentages that were quite disheartening to our human minds. The doctors, according to all results, see any form of treatment as just a way to buy us a little more time. However, God has put us in contact with doctors that do believe in Divine healing thus they have been willing to admit their weakness in changing the situation, but God’s power in giving the final say. The medical plan is to begin a 5 day radiation regimen today. They will target the multiple masses on her mid and lower spine since that is a big concern as to her future mobility. They are not able to give her the strongest dosage of radiation due to the fragility of her spine. If they did give her the full dosage, it could result in a complete deterioration of her spine. Even with the radiation treatment, there is still only a 40 % chance that she will ever be able to have mobility. They are planning to begin radiation treatments today at 2 p.m. One thing I want you to keep in mind is that all these results are subject to change during a moment of being in God’s presence!
That melts my heart, folks. Will you join us and thousands of others in praying for Sis. Martin and the whole Martin Family? We know that God is able to give this precious family a miracle of healing that nobody can deny. As I said you can read the updates that followed the one above HERE.

We are having great services each night at Avenal. Thanks for praying for us.



  1. Thanks so much for praying for us during this very difficult time for mom and our family! God is going to bring us through this! We know that all things work together for good! Love y'all, Julie Martin


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