Friday, November 14, 2014

Fresno, California - Revival In Pictures

We have had a great week at Souls Harbor in Fresno, California just like we anticipated and expected. It was sad to close revival last night and say goodbye to all of our friends. We have enjoyed our visit so much.

We have lots of pictures taken by all three of us and they are bad mixed up time wise. But I think all five nights are represented with pictures of the Souls Harbor folks and several of the visitors as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our friends, food and fellowship.

Before I get to the Revival In Pictures I do have a bit of good news. I took my crashed laptop into a computer repair shop in Hanford that was highly recommended to me. The guy in Arizona that was supposed to retrieve the information I needed some how missed 99% of it. The files said they were there but they were all empty.

The computer guy in Hanford was able to get it all and now we have access again to our mailing database of several hundred addresses. I am so thankful he was able to retrieve the data. We were unable to send out the September newsletter because of the crashed computer and should have had another newsletter this month. Hopefully we will have one in the mail late next week if all goes well.

He also gave me a very good price on a new hard drive for the old laptop as well as some of the latest software and virus protection. Once he has it finished I should be good to go for a few more years. I was afraid I was going to be searching for a new computer but this is much cheaper. I am anxious to see if it works well.

OK, we are off today and Saturday so we may go see something in California or we may just rest. We have not decided yet. We will let you know later and probably have pictures to illustrate our decision.

God bless you for reading.


Pastor Anthony and Sis. Rosemary Munoz

The food was awesome at Sis. Rosemary's house as usual. She is a wonderful cook and a tremendous hostess. Several of the young ladies cooked our daytime meals and they were great too. Not much danger of us going hungry out here on the road.

Kelly Jo and Odie found another green vehicle in Riverdale.

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