Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pastor Anthony Munoz - Stanford Medical Center

On Tuesday Pastor Burris and I drove over to Stanford, California to see Pastor Anthony Munoz and his wife, Sis. Rose. Bro. Anthony is battling cancer for the second time and is in a very critical phase of his treatment at Stanford Medical Center. 

I cannot begin to comprehend all the process but this is how I understand it. They have given Bro. Anthony a lethal dose of Chemo to burn all the bone marrow out of his body. Today they will transplant the stem cells that were taken from him previously. If all goes well this will rid his body of all the cancer. 

Please pray that Bro. Anthony's body will respond properly and that he will have no side effects. Pray for the whole family that God will strengthen them physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know God is able to help them through this. 

These are pictures that Bro. Anthony has drawn on the whiteboard in his room the last few days. Praise God for a sense of humor on dark days. 


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