Thursday, October 31, 2013

Time to Go to Nigeria!

This is departure day! In less than 24 hours Kelly Jo and I should be in Nigeria with Bro. Shobanke and his precious people. We never look forward to the long flight but we are anxious to see every one again. Bro. Shobanke called this morning to hear my voice and I told him that soon I would see him face to face.

We "should" be on the ground in Lagos by Friday at 8:30 AM central time. I put that in parentheses because our flight was delayed in Atlanta over 4 hours last time and then we waited over 2 hours for our luggage in what felt like a sauna once we arrived in Lagos. That made for a very, very long day and night and day and into night again. Although we did get a good free meal in Atlanta and two small travel vouchers from Delta out of the deal. lol

As I have said before this is supposed to be a quick trip for us. Normally we are preaching Gospel crusades and a minister's conference while we are there and we usually stay several days. This trip we are dedicating the new branch church at Osara Rd, then preaching Sunday at Bro. Shobanke's main church, visiting the school on Monday and then heading home. I am sure it will feel like a whirlwind trip because of the short duration but we will be much less busy than normal.

Please pray for us while we are gone to Nigeria. Pray that we will be effective in the Ministry that God has called us to do. Pray that souls will be won to God and that saints will be encouraged. Pray that God will overshadow us all as we dedicate the new church. Pray for our safety and our health as well. Pray for Odie in Mississippi and pray that all goes as planned on our bus here in Florida. Thank you so much for holding us up in prayer.

If I have WiFi in Abeokuta and IF Google will allow me to access my email while I am there, I will update the blog with pictures and information as it happens. If not then Odie will be blogging in our absence and I will bring you up to date next week. Rest assured we will be taking lots of pictures.

I am sure I will be posting a few pictures before we leave Atlanta tonight.

God bless you all.


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  1. Safe journeys my friends. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you.
    Bruce and Priscilla


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