Saturday, October 19, 2013

Travel Day - Sweeny, Texas to Pine Prairie, Louisiana



Leaving Sweeny Friday night after church did not turn out to be such a brilliant idea. It started good. We had plenty of help packing up and getting ready to leave. We ate a bite with the folks and had good fellowship. We were on the road by about 10:30 with ambitions of driving about 3 hours. But it fell apart from there.

Actually the bottom fell out of the sky. Within 15 minutes of leaving it starting raining on us and steadily picked up. By the time we were nearing the south edge of Houston it was raining cats and dogs. We crept all the way through town and turned east on I-10 in a down pour. It was not fun driving and it seemed like everybody in Houston turned out to play in the rain.

We had hoped to drive about 170 miles to the Flying J in Orange Texas. We did not make it quite that far. It took us nearly two hours to travel 85 miles. It was raining so hard by that time we decided we would look for a parking spot at the Flying J in Baytown, Texas. We snagged the last RV spot and called it a night. I suppose the truck lot must have been overflowing since the RV spots were full of trucks.

Here we are at Flying J in Baytown, Texas

Saturday morning it was cool and beautiful and we finished the ride to Pine Prairie in just a few hours. I washed the bugs off the front of the bus, the dirt of the back of the bus, set up the sound equipment, visited with the Gautreaux's a little while and called it a night. Sunday morning will be here before you know it.

Have a great Sunday!


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