Thursday, October 24, 2013

Revival In Pictures - Pine Prairie, Louisianna


I mentioned that Pastor Gautreaux and his church are in the process of building a new sanctuary. This is what it looked like last October after the slab was poured.

Here it is now.

They are really making progress. The brick is scheduled for next week and they intend to have the outside finished before winter.

Kelly Jo snapped these pictures of the bus and the sunset on her way to church one night this week.

We have really had a good time this week. The services have been outstanding and God has been blessing each and every night. Our family has been blessed and encouraged and I know that folks from the church have been as well. I wish there was some way I could package it all up and share it with all of you but I promised you the blessings of God and revival are available to you. 

We plan to pull out sometime early Thursday and head toward Pensacola area. Kelly Jo and Odie have been busily preparing and packing for next weeks travels and we all have quite a bit to do between now and Monday. I will fill you in on some of that in the next couple of days.

For now I will allow the pictures to do the rest of the talking in this post.


Hana Japanese steak house

A cereal supper after church Wednesday night.

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