Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Great Sunday

We had a great Sunday at Beams of Light Holiness Church in Cantonment, Florida. We were thrilled to be here for Pastor Appreciation Sunday morning. 

Pastor Philip Deane and his family have been here nearly 12 years and they are well loved by their church. The service Sunday morning was beautiful and the meal was beautiful too!

We had a good service Sunday night as well. These folks have always been so kind to us through the years and this weekend was no exception. We had a wonderful time. 

It was great to have Bro. Farrell Stearnes with us this weekend. He lives in the Pensacola area and is a dear friend. It is always a blessing to see his smiling face. 

We are planning to crank the BoggsMobile early Monday morning. It is less than 15 miles to Bro. Jake's shop but it will probably take about 30 minutes to get there with traffic. I also need to empty the holding tanks and it needs to be moved to do that. 

Hopefully after the bus is in position tomorrow we can take a moment to breathe. We have been going at a run for several weeks and at a flat out sprint for several days. We need to catch out breath before going to Africa. 

I am usually pretty nervous when the BoggsMobile is in somebody else's hands and out of my sight. I am asking the Lord to put my mind at ease this week. My sermons for Africa are ready but I need to be spiritually and emotionally fit for the services. 

Kelly Jo has been working so hard. i hope she can get rested by Wednesday. Thank you for praying for us. 


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