Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheap Gasoline

Yesterday's Post

I sometimes post pictures of the price of diesel and how much it costs to fill up the BoggsMobile. I do not know if I have ever posted because I wanted you to see how low the price was. Well, I am changing that today.

We filled up the Green Machine for $2.99 a gallon the other day and we were thrilled to do it.

The total was $26.15 for 8.6 gallons. I know I should not be happy to pay that much for a gallon of gas but I could not help myself. It is so much better than $4 a gallon!

We have spotted it as low as $2.96 a gallon but we had no room in the tank. I told Kelly Jo that for that price we ought to buy a cup of it and just pour it on the ground! I don't imagine that would be to environmentally friendly but you know what I mean.

We are so glad to be driving the Green Machine now. We can go about 32 miles on that $3 gallon of gas. In the Cheap Jeep (95 Jeep) we went 17-19 miles on a gallon and in the General (2000 Denali) we went about 12 miles. 32 miles is much, much better!


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