Wednesday, November 28, 2012


UPDATE 10:45 PM: Maintenance issue with the plane. Departure delayed until at least 1:00 AM. Still seated on plane as of 10:45 PM.

UPDATE #2 1:30 AM: We deplaned (Tattoo) about 10:55. Everybody and everything went off the plane and into the terminal. Delta was super professional about it. Every employee had a great, friendly attitude. They have been trained good.

They provided a meal voucher and all the refreshments we wanted. We are back on the plane and we are waiting for a replacement crew and for all the bags to be stowed.

They are hoping to be in the air by 2:00 AM. That puts us in Nigeria about 7:00 PM their time.

Original Post:
We are on our way. In fact we are boarding in Atlanta right now.

The last picture is the line of elderly and those that need assistance boarding. I counted 17 wheelchairs. Odie would have made 18 if she had come. Lol

The plane is completely full. No room to lay down on this flight. Maybe we can sleep some sitting up.

Bro. Lockwood was waiting for us in Atlanta and we made some Nigerian friends while at the gate.

The lady in the picture with KJ and Bro. Lockwood lives in Ibadan. Hopefully she can attend service there Sunday the 9th.

It won't be long and we should see all of our Nigerian friends.

Odie hunted today but no deer yet. I think she plans to hunt Thursday too.

God bless you all.


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